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Our history 
Our Story

The DecorinelTempo laboratory was born in 1992 and from the very beginning the idea of Silvia and David was to create a laboratory like an ancient Renaissance workshop in which the materials, colors, woods, metals, skilfully worked fabrics are transformed from objects of everyday life in pieces of author.

Over time and thanks also to customer requests, the production of the laboratory has grown and diversified, to include murals, painted furniture, tables, lamps, ceramics, hand-embroidered fabrics, complete projects for furniture, artifacts strictly handcrafted, designed with great passion and professionalism.

Since 2008, the laboratory has opened a space dedicated to hand-painted sartorial dresses for women and girls.

The Decori NelTempo studio was born in 1992.

It had always been Silvia and David idea to create a studio like an old Renaissance antique shop, where the skilfully worked materials, colors, woods, metals and fabrics transformed from regular day objects to masterpieces.

With time, and thanks to client requests, the studio's production has grown and diversified to include even wall paintings, furniture paintings,

tables, lamps, ceramics, hand-embroidered materials and complete plans for precisely handcrafted furnishings, thought out and created with passion and professionalism.

Since 2008 Silvia and David make hand-painted dresses for woman and girls.

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